Please add Voyager Digital

Massive opportunity at Voyager Digital
Please add ASAP so we won’t miss out.

Hi @Smoke - Before filling out a new stock request it’s always worth searching to see if someone has already done so. In this case you’d have found This

Splitting request over multiple thread separates out the votes and makes the forum untidy. You’d also have found the reason it can’t be added which is that Freetrade don’t support the German or Canadian exchanges currently. They’re expanding into European markets later this year (fingers crossed) & Canada shouldn’t be too far behind.

I’m new to the community, so just no so sure on how the sistem works around here.
But thanks for the explanation, and yeah… hope you’ll find a way for it in the future.


Well let me extend a hearty welcome :wave:t2:

If you’re new to investing too (quite possibly not) there is a good thread here Ask your beginners questions here 🐣

Hope you find it a useful place.


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