[Request] Voyager Digital (DB:UCD2)

Just wondering when Voyager Digital will be available on Freetrade. Also will Freetrade be making purchases in Coinbase available?


Voyager Digitalโ€™s German listing (DB:UCD2) might be added when the European expansion happens. Iโ€™d use the request form linked in the pinned thread to request this using that ticker symbol. Thereโ€™s not currently a firm date - to my knowledge - for this. The OTC Markets and Canadian listings are much further out. :freetrade: have said they want to eventually support all exchanges, but Europe is the priority now.

Large IPOs always come to :freetrade:, assuming the exchange is supported. I wouldnโ€™t worry about Coinbase, as itโ€™ll be listed on the Nasdaq.

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Could you add Voyager Digital VYGVF, from the Canadian market please?


Massive opportunity at Voyager Digital
Please add ASAP so we wonโ€™t miss out.

Another one bites the dust

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