[Request] Voyager Digital (DB:UCD2)

Just wondering when Voyager Digital will be available on Freetrade. Also will Freetrade be making purchases in Coinbase available?


Voyager Digital’s German listing (DB:UCD2) might be added when the European expansion happens. I’d use the request form linked in the pinned thread to request this using that ticker symbol. There’s not currently a firm date - to my knowledge - for this. The OTC Markets and Canadian listings are much further out. :freetrade: have said they want to eventually support all exchanges, but Europe is the priority now.

Large IPOs always come to :freetrade:, assuming the exchange is supported. I wouldn’t worry about Coinbase, as it’ll be listed on the Nasdaq.

Could you add Voyager Digital VYGVF, from the Canadian market please?


Adding interest for Voyager digital.

The Canadian stock market symbol is VYVGF . Could we please add this as soon as possible?

Really dont want to miss out on the opportunity here. Saw an interview of their C suite exec on you tube and want to invest ASAP pls :relaxed::pray:


Massive opportunity at Voyager Digital
Please add ASAP so we won’t miss out.