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I use Plum with Monzo mainly to automate saving (it’s so effortless, works in the background and is mind boggling how small saves can snowball over time even in “shy mood” setting). The aggregator/chatbot app (android soon) is a great development so you now have either the option to use it via FB Messenger or the App. Very good first impression of the iOS app so far:

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It looks like Chip has some up-coming competition! I am a Chip user but feel that they are faltering with their next level of offerings. They are also struggling with Monzo/Starling integration which Plum seem to have nailed.

This will be an interesting area to follow as the apps develop :exploding_head:

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I love Plum and they seem to be moving very quickly. I invested in their Seedrs round last year and I’m very happy with their progress.

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Likewise :pray:

Definitely! It’s a shame that Chip seemed to have fumbled a bit with Chip 2.0, but it was expected for me as they seemed to overpromise and underdeliver leading up to and during their latest crowdfunding campaign.

I do like that they just announced instant saves which I’d love to see on Plum.

Ditto - still waiting for their completed EIS form though …

Crunched by yours truely.

Why do people insist on not using spell checkers for app content?


I am still a believer! They are moving slower than promised, but most fintech start-ups seem to suffer a similar affliction. If they can deliver ChipX in the next 2 to 3 months that would definitely give them the edge over their competitors again. Integration with Monzo would also help with customer acquisition/retention!

I had to stop using Chip after I switched my bank account to Monzo.

When they integrate the challenger banks it will definitely be good for them. I am not sure why they have not prioritised it :man_shrugging:

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Reported the spelling mistake :white_check_mark:

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400,000 have used Plum on messenger? I never realised it was quite that many :open_mouth:

I assume not all of these have made a save but still, that’s way more than I expected!


Some interesting news hot off the press that indicates more progress to come :fire::


I wonder what the new share price might be :thinking:

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Referral would be much appreciated:


Their terms are a riot

So is the referral bonus

The current Referral bonus is £25 for each third successful invite up to a maximum of 15. After 15 successful invites the Referral bonus changes to £5 for each subsequent successful invite (instead of the £25 for 3).

I suppose the person being referred gets nothing?

Aside from that I clicked on their blog post which refers to people as “Plumsters”… sounds sorta offensive :blush:

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They get the utility of using Plum! It’s ace.

Btw the terms aren’t policed as with pretty much most referral schemes, so it is what it is.

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Used :white_check_mark: we get anything for that? Or you?

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I only get something on the 6th referral, have 4 over the lifetime so far for full transparency:

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Round ups are live too!

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