Cleo and Plum

(Joseph Goh) #1

Hey guys have you guys been using Plum or Cleo ? What are your thoughts on them ?


Discussed a bit here Plum overfunding on Seedrs


I have a positive experience with Plum Savings which I’ve been using for a couple of weeks now. I like the autosavings - aka microsavings - aspect of it, the daily balance updates and I’m using it with the purpose of saving for a new iPhone. Also, it works well with Monzo which is handy:

What aspects of Plum or Cleo would you be interested in? I feel these products can work for an individual when they have a goal in mind while using them be it saving, or investing.


Unsure about the Chat Bot interface but would be willing to give it a go if they build a standalone version.

(Joseph Goh) #5

I just want to get a view on how it’s being accepted by the general public. To me it’s a combination of several apps like Emma money management and Moneybox which presented in a chatbot form. I personally find it’s harder to navigate through the chatbot then the normal app interaction as I prefer to have all the tabs and widgets available in my main menu :smiley:

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Anyone of you have tried Cleo ? Seem like they already expanded to the US market


I’ve had cleo for probably a year or more, but basically don’t use it. I like the concept and did use it a fair bit when I first got it but as they don’t support Monzo or Starling I have no need for it. And realistically for my use case I just like to be able to query in sentence form - I’ll hold out till they add Monzo and Starling then give it another whirl.

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Yes agree that was one of the reason that put me off from using Cleo