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I am looking for a second alternative to invest/save my money and saw a video from Andy Webb (Money Expert) on YT talking about the Claro app (IOS only) as an alternative. It seems they are paying 2% on up £3000 in savings which I believe it’s good. However, I haven’t found any review about them on internet. I mean websites like Trustpilot. So if someone here is currently using this app please let me know what you think. It would be helpful and much appreciated.

2% is not very extremely high during these days of central banks raising interest rates. You can even just open a 12 month 2.1% fixed savings account on Monzo - no 3k limit.
Not heard or have any opinion on Claro though.

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I agree with you, but it was the best I found in an instant access savings account. Although I’m not initially interested in a fixed term saving account, I’ll take a look at your suggestion. Thank you very much.