Budgeting App

Is there any budgeting app that anyone uses that you really like? Preferably one that is Europe wide and not confined to UK residents.

I use an Excel spreadsheet currently but can’t figure away to get it to work for me as well as I feel an app would, savings wise. If it can link to my bank or Revolut even better. Looking for something that just computes the raw data after I’ve set up the catergories. A few fancy pie charts and graphs would be great too.

Open to mobile although desktop is preferred.

A free app I use to keep on top of my money: Money Dashboard, is rewarding people who register this month by giving them a free stake in the business.

Use my member pass to get access and claim your first 10 member shares.

Perhaps consider one of the ones mentioned here: The best budgeting apps in the UK: How to budget without trying - Money To The Masses

I use this, it’s a new company but help you see ways of saving. And you get 10 shares for signing up.

I invested in them through Crowdcube but eventually cancelled. Unfortunately not available in Ireland along with all the others

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Thanks for the link Weenie. Unfortunately all the companies you posted are UK only. Need something for Ireland

Why did you cancel? I invested in them also.

I was buying some shares in FT from an earlier investor so I decided to go bigger in on Freetrade. Eggs all in one basket at that time but I’m pretty diversified across everything so was an easy decision to go in bigger on FT.

Edit: Not letting me reply to you Tron!!!

Fair play. It wasn’t the Spanish investor was it?

Ye it was was that you on Crowdcube. “Our Mysterious Spanish Investor” :joy:

Edit: Fair play to them for doing it. Really happy how it all turned out. FT were amazing during the process too. Which is why I’m itching to use the app!!!

Hahahaha yes that was me. I had the same experience to be honest. I was impressed by them so I invested.
I’m not going to lie the main reason I invested in money Dashboard was the CEO Steve Tigar he is brilliant never missed a question come across amazing on Skype meetings. Very intelligent man and shows real passion

He sent out a mail and was asking for people outside the UK to sign up to waitlist. I said I’d sign up personally and possibly through the company if it’s a good fit for both. Seemed good alright. Wish I had invested now hahaha

I watched a few Skype meetings and had a personal one with him. He was very confident that at least we would make At least X 4/5 back investment in 3-5 years but they think it’s more like X 6/7 fingers crossed