Plus500 Ltd ILS0.01

Would be great to introduce Plus500 Ltd stocks, with 25% dividend yield, would be a fantastic stock to bring in.

Interesting company, but just beware the yield is only high because of an astonishing 75% (!) share price crash in February. Otherwise, last two years were 11% and 14% according to LSE.

The reason for such a crash is management’s profit warning, as well as the multiple countries’ negative stance on CFDs, which PLUS500 is all about. This means their growth could be very limited in the years to come, and the P/E of 2.5 could rise to a significant degree.

Their balance sheet looks good, no significant liabilities and good current assets, perhaps everything is priced in already, but the stock is likely to be very volatile :slight_smile:

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Definitely agree it’s going to be a volatile stock, now trading at 600p I can definitely see it making a steady rise with a good potential yield as well. It will be a interesting company to follow there’s no doubt about that.

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This stock is much needed. It’s ftse250 cmon