Pound Sterling

(Aris David) #1



Our (pound sterling) purchasing power is diminishing faster than many major fiat currencies.

Gone are the days when…
£1.00 would buy you 2.5 Aussie dollars, 2 US Dollars, 1.50 Euros and 2.5 Canadian dollars.

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Which is great for the economy in terms of boosting exports and internal production as opposed to the reliance on external importation :slight_smile:

(Emma) #3

Once there is a deal that everyone has agreed to it’ll improve. Until then…


(Emma) #4

Where are we getting the raw materials from though?

(Vladislav Kozub) #5

Not arguing against that, but the premium markup on produced goods outweighs the initial cost on average (we’d hope the economy is rational!).

Moreover, since the UK economy is services-oriented (~70%), increased affordability of those by the overseas consumers benefits the UK without caveats, unlike in the case with manufacturing :sweat_smile:


Off topic but the people rolling down and the hill in that meme looks like the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event :joy: