Price check obsession

Find a company that you’re content with.

I don’t check GGP, only everything else I’m invested in :joy::joy::joy:

Not without your due diligence on each stock x 60 and review of each company periodically. You wouldn’t just buy a company and forget about them for 10 years. What if they change ownership? Or change direction? Or get mixed up in some crien?

Pick one or two that you can actually keep track of and then diversify though a reputable and trustworthy ETF or trust IMO

It’s just so exciting!!!
The other problem I have is resisting the temptation to chase every stock recommendation I read (and I’m reading a lot). I think I’m doing ok so far with a reasonably diverse range of stocks (considering I only started 10 days ago) that I have formed my own opinions about and managing to keep my fingers away from the trigger so far.


Will power :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re going to do that initially I think. What you shouldn’t do it make in the moment decisions.

If a stock is going down and your worried, that’s a good time to ask why your worried? And if your worried why did you buy the stock in the first place? And does that reason still apply?

Otherwise stop looking on the weekend, then stop looking on one of the other days of the week

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It’s almost as if it’s me writing these posts, I’m also a new boy this month and you seem to be my twin.

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Don’t get trigger finger itchy with the sell button either

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Yes I was obsessed with my stocks in the beginning, I actually thought I was the only one lol :laughing: nice to know I wasn’t lol. I think investing is easier when you are less emotional

Now I spend more time reading news about my investment trusts / stocks and the UK / US / Chinese market for more perspective . I find yahoo finance, the guardian and the stocks app useful.


Never had a problem when I was in work but I think WFH makes it more tempting.


Yep another new investor here. Constantly checking price and the threads on here of the stocks and funds

I check GGP obsessively and neglect everything else :sweat_smile:


Well Dave, it’s possible - if you’re 60 on the outside and 20 on the inside :slight_smile:


I am approximately half way between both of those numbers :expressionless:

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I’m a middle-aged woman with kids, and I thought your 15 count was very conservative.


Good enough!

Thanks Liz. With all these belpful replies I’m starting to feel reasonably normal.

I checked mine 15 times whilst reading this thread


I’m so bad I even check them when the market has closed…


How else are you supposed to learn? seeing what news and market conditions impact share prices live. It will get easier over time, when you have a clear vision of what you might do if the price drops, falls or moves sideways the need for regular checks won’t seem so urgent.

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Before using Freetrade I only invested in index funds, and they update only once a day, which is quite nice. Some days I didn’t even check it.

But now I have individual shares I do check a lot more often, its not a good habit…