Procure Space UCITS ETF & Sports Betting and iGaming UCITS ETF listed today on LSE

Procure Space UCITS ETF:

  • YODA - USD
  • UFOP - GBP

Sports Betting and iGaming UCITS ETF

  • BETS - USD
  • BETP - GBP
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There are already stock requests/votes for YODA/UFOP.

I think that was for the US version and not the UcIts?

they don’t add US ETFs to FT - you can only buy UK listed ETFs so they would only add the UK ticker if/when it is available…

It may be worth adding the details you’ve posted here to the individual corresponding threads for the 2 separate items

Both available now - YODA - USD & UFOP - GBP

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