Questions for higher rate tax payers on tax relief

I’m not sure. It used to be. now I don’t know because I don’t have the need for it. Check it out and you’ll see if it’s still possible or not

It might still be possible but I don’t think they ever fixed the activity feed bug?, so any money deposited though a bank transfer doesn’t show up in your feed. They money just appears with no data.

It is possible to set up a standing order into a FT ISA. The payments do not appear in the activity feed each month.

Just ask FT each month to check and rovide a pdf until the Admin overhead becomes greater than the effort to fix the activity feed.

I think the auto investment above didnt mean the sum of money going inth the FT account in the first place, rather the instruments it is invested into once it arrives rather than sitting there as cash.

Seems FT needs 2 development teams, one focussed on adding new trading venues and the other adding some much needed updates abnd features to the app.