/r/wallstreetbets featured in Bloomberg!

Bit of an odd one before bed tonight:

“Reddit’s Profane, Greedy traders are shaking up the stock market.”

Really entertaining the way they describe reddit as a

“Dingy Corner of the Internet”

and that the Subreddit is

“soaked in profanity and bro-speak”.

This paragraph though…

Twenty years later, one thing that’s changed is the nomenclature. It’s frequently both juvenile and objectionable. For Reddit’s band of self-styled “autists”—a term of endearment, relatively speaking, that crudely leans into stereotypes surrounding extremely online people—the chief prize is “tendies” (chicken tenders, the treat an overgrown man-child receives for being a “Good Boy”). Figuratively speaking, tendies are the financial rewards that follow from a successful bold wager. Bears are usually referred to in homophobic terms.

Going as far as to claim wsb chatter raises prices on stocks.

A pretty funny read, especially these bits:

After user SolTrainRnsOnHolGran wondered whether r/WSB’s activities might constitute insider trading, a user named recentlyunearthed replied, “How can we have insider knowledge when we don’t have any knowledge?”

“This sub is a travesty,” wrote user Deftech1, complaining about the influx of those looking for—or pushing—get-rich-quick schemes. “Can we just go back to losing inordinate amounts of money?”



Love it, they clearly don’t get that Reddit is mostly tongue-in-cheek and don’t-take-yourself-too-serious. It’s the only social network I frequent, it can be absolutely hilarious.


Not gonna lie, I love the sub reddit. I find it hilarious that a big multi-million dollar company are focused on some self-described autists of the internet.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: the spent time to analyze Reddit. Bloomberg had a slow news day

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This guy posted his trading account down 80%. Reddit users said “amazing job dude, only 20% more to go!” :joy:


Did you see this posted today?

Alita - Tendie Angel


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:that place is an asylum!

“New autist”
“Infinite tendies”

Epic. :joy:


https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/fagv2m/alita_tendy_angel/ This was more hilarious than the news I am never leaving Reddit

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