CanaryWharfBets subreddit


For any reddit users, I’ve made a UK subreddit for discussing trades and anything entertaining that’s related .

(Chris) #2

No point until we can invest in AMD and MU.


OCDO is up over 200% in the last year.


Interesting topics so far, I’m personally not a reddit user so it’d be great if you could post a selection of your best topics here too


I will probably post most of the topics on reddit tbh. It’s a good format for discussions and I’m trying to build up a community.


There is the subreddit /r/ukinvesting, but it’s quite quiet. And definitely a lack of dank memes compared to wallstreetbets!

(Vladislav Kozub) #7


These are nice ones, much more active than r/ukinvesting, but more US oriented


Do you intend for this to be funny along the lines of wallstreetbets or are you looking for serious discussion


Seriously funny