£100 Challenge 2023!

On the r/CanaryWharfBets Discord we’re running the £100 Challenge again. Anyone can join and the challenge is to generate the highest return starting with just £100, with the winner being crowned at the end of 2023!

Here’s the link to join the Discord: r/CanaryWharfBets

Last year was great fun, we had a lot of ups and downs with about 20 people playing. Think you’re a good trader/investor? Put it to the test.

Here’s last years results, with the winner finishing with an account value of £352.10 and some spectacular blow-ups from other players along the way.


Is there a list of what they bought? I’d already be up over £40 if my stock hit the mark it just did on this challenge hehe

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Yes, in the discord channel, everyone posts their trades. You could search by the username if you wanted to see the full history.

Have you joined this game?!

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No in haven’t had a look yet also I only put a small amount into my portfolio so I’m not sure if we can pick current stocks we hold or is this like a fake 100 pounds you say what stock and see how it goes?.

I shall read the rules etc soon just on a 5 min break atm :slight_smile:

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Lol, it’s real £100 everyone is using, you screenshot your trades. You also have to screenshot your £100 starting balance so we know we’re all starting the same.

February update!

15 players in the game now, you can join at any point. 1st place position is currently around £150 account value!

All trades are using real money and tracked on the discord.