£100 Challenge - 2022

A few of us have put together a stock trading game on discord, staring at 8am tomorrow (market open). Link to join: r/CanaryWharfBets

Objective - make the most returns by the end of 2022


  • Start with £100

  • Trade/Invest to make the most return

  • Options trading allowed

  • No margin trading

  • No restarts

  • Post all your trades as screenshots (and starting £100)

  • Only post trade screenshots in the channel, with a comment. No discussions (discussions in #trading or #off-topic)

  • Players can hold more than one stock/security

  • Message @£100-challenge mods any questions, they can delete comments not following the above rules.

Feel free to join. You can join at any point, with the winner being crowned at the end of 2022.