What’s happened to the forum?

Is it me or has it got really quiet in here? The forum used to be a hive of activity! I go back to my previous comments, bring back a moderator! Such a shame when I think how great the forum was before :confused:


I became disillusioned when they didn’t keep Neil, when they kept promising news on the LISA and not delivering and then finally when my request for news on the Freetrade NFT for £10k investors (which @Viktor had promised would be exciting) got swept under the rug without an answer.

I tend to just lurk now. It’s definitely not the fun place it once was and that’s a shame.


I’m still here most days, but there’s not a lot happening (not to my portfolio anyway!)

The forum is quieter (for me), likely because I now liberally use the mute/ignore button. There are only so many ‘my dividend is late’ or ‘T212 is better than FT’ posts I can take :laughing:

Also, maybe people are on their summer hols?


I check in every day.

Like @weenie says more eloquently, it can get a bit gurn heavy sometimes :rofl:

But every now and again there’s a useful insight or something to spark some research.

And @ConsulinhoGaucho posts some good reading at the weekends :ok_hand:

Also, I’ve learned a lot, only starting with FT in February. Its still possible to get some good advice once in a while, so I’m thankful for that :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree very quiet in here. I dont recall it ever being lively, maybe the correlation of boring FTSE and dividend stocks has something to do with it, looking at recent threads and posts, most people on here are FTSE heavy and seemingly much more passive and i presume are not seeing much movement in their portfolio’s with FTSE listed companies “up until last week”. I expect when portfolio’s start to gradually move up we will see a plethora of posts about it being rocket time in the UK :roll_eyes: .

Personally i prefer Nasdaq/NYSE listed companies, far more volatility and money to be earned than on the boring FTSE. Im a lot more active so i use different platforms to engage. For more in depth information/discussion on the very few UK listed stocks i hold, i use LSE (which unfortunately does bring its fair share of idiots)




At least the ‘£25k US sell limit’ posts have dried up.


Maybe everyone has been a bit glum in the last few months?

This week and last week have been a bit more like it :+1:

PS how does one contact FT Central? The link from Cornish Metals to the forum board doesn’t work …


Let me take a look at that @louiseDJ


Thank you @acamp :+1:


You get out what you put in really. For a broker forum, Freetrade is one of the most active as far as I’ve seen.

It does seem to depend on what’s going on as some people point out.


I think it’s loosely correlated with the direction of markets over the past couple of years.


There must be a lassonde curve for the lifespan of forums, when a company is a new start up a busy forum is a godsend for what it offers a company re advertising, getting word of mouth sign ups etc but as time goes on it will probably turn in to as much of a liability as it is a benefit and as here be left to wither on the vine.

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The forum discussions on stocks are very UK centric creating home bias (Understandable).

As has been pointed out by @Cerbera14 there does appear to be trend on here towards FTSE and dividend stocks by users (I myself am not heavily invested in this market). I find that people tend to want to talk about what they do know, and for many on here it appears from what is discussed they are not looking outside of the UK market and therefore range of discussions will tend to be narrower.

This year for US stocks, they have been ripping and what initial may have been thought of being a bear market rally has turned into an actual rally and there has been a lot to talk about.


The community, so far as its value to Freetrade, has peaked and they have outgrown the need to engage with users in the way they did in the beginning - I say that as someone who came to the party a little bit later (User 36k).

There is little to gain given the community represents a fraction of the total userbase and can no longer be mined for cheap crowdfunding capital (given the last few disappointing rounds). I mean the bugs and glitches thread was set up to help Freetrade but nobody ever even check it from the company.

Unfortunately I can’t see anyone ever running games like baggers or keeping the community running efficiently so we stuck with “has anyone had their stock X dividend” or “Anyone know what stock Y is doing Z?”


An easy implementation was to merge some topics, there are many thousand topics with no comments. We don’t need a topic for VWRL & VWRP, given the only difference is accumulation or distribution.

There are countless small changes that could liven up this place without much work.

There is regularly a comment that the community is quiet when the market is etc, this has never been born out in the stats. The community is quiet because it’s not core to the company like it was.


If you want to see games like this run, perhaps volunteer to run it yourself?

As someone mentioned, you get out of the forum what you put into it.

Somewhere on this forum, I’ve been in discussions on growing your own veg, playing video games, the prices of property, retirement and fantasy football to name a few topics.

All non-investment related but anyone can start such a thread if they want to.

Or just talk about anything here: Down Time Drivel - General Chat :speech_balloon: - Freetrade Community


I still lurk here, checking from time to time.

I just get fed up with people moaning constantly about something that has happened, but failing to share the full story and acting like they are the only person who matters.

I do like to engage in conversations, but I don’t want to come home from work and waste my energy reading their rubbish, I’m all for it if there is a genuine reason, but a lot of people are impatient and reading about dividends not being paid within 2 mins of it being announced frustrates me too.

Finally, is the slow news from Freetrade on development of a lot of promised stuff.

Sorry to be negative, I hope everyone is good and well.



Yeah there seems to be a lot of people go straight to rage mode on their first post because they don’t know about basic stuff like spread.

I still look pretty much every day, but there doesn’t seem to be as much good reading as there used to be