Down Time Drivel


Thank you.

I magine outdoor work is beautiful at the moment but could be horrendous or not possible in the bad weather.

Im lucky I work in a relaxed office, I can get out for air and a walk at lunch.

But as per human nature , I want it all :rofl:

Haha - yes, I regularly moan when it is so hot that I sweat just taking a step but am lucky enough to keep my days short when it’s cold and wet!

Make the most of your lunch - I’ll be sheltering in the cool shade! :rofl:

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Feel your pain @Bob1 - it’s been a glorious weekend and we’ve been spoilt with all the sunny bank holidays in May.

I work 4 days a week at home so currently wishing that it would rain all week (my parched lawn will benefit!) and be dry and sunny at the weekend! :smiley:

You hear of some folk who would just be sunning themselves in the garden while supposedly ‘working from home’ but I consider WFH a perk which I don’t want to abuse since it can be easily taken away (employer does remote checks) and then it’d be back to the daily commute again, or worse, fired!

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Very consciousness @weenie :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope your lawn gets the rain it needs, but in the mean time i shall enjoyed my lunch break in the park as a decent compromise to returning to the office🌞

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So thats the UK summer over !!

Where do people buy umberellas and padded jackets?
Need new stock ideas :rofl::rofl:

This is me (and my garden), waiting for the heavens to open! :rofl:

Canada Goose for padded jackets? :laughing:


Good tune :ok_hand:

Think rain is a certainty over the next few days…I do have a couple of strawberry plants that could use it.

Only problem with the strawberries is catching them at peak ripeness before a pesky bird gets there first :rofl:

Good idea about canadian goose…but given the state of the economy I’m thinking more recycled paper cup stuffing or similar will be more in demand :rofl:

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Happy Friday all :smiley:

It’s been a long old week, my portfolio is up (overall total) so happy days!

Nowhere near home time yet but I can hear a beer calling out my name from the fridge :laughing: :beer:


Happy Friday

It’s my last working friday for the foreseeable. My application to go on four days a week was accepted. a bit less money but I can manage

It was a a toss up between more time off now or possible slightly earlier retirement, but after hearing my mum tell me about all the health woes of people in the village were she lives I decided to go for more time off now :smiley:


Congratulations @Dave!

I’d love to go down to a 4-day week in a couple of years’ time - the bank holiday weekends we enjoyed in May proved to me that a 3-day weekend is something I really want in my life!


Put it this way Dave, age never mattered to me and I didn’t give it much thought.

But 60 years old is fast approaching like an express train (5 months to go now), so I’ve recently become a big fan of the ‘do it now’ approach to life.

And it’s true what they say; time does indeed pass quicker the older you get.


HUNGRY HORACE is a Classic if you ever visit Bletchley park the British computer museum is next door and has such games available to play.

Spent the weekend in Krakow…highly recommend :ok_hand:

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Anyone watch this?

I’m nearly finished it. It’s a well made show with good characters, but like a lot of US stuff, not a lot happens. :rofl:

IMDB gives it 8.5/10. Id probably go more like 6.5.


Recently, I’ve been binge-watching The Great Pottery Throw Down (on Channel 4).

Don’t do any pottery myself (tried it once at school), but the creativity and skill shown never ceases to amaze me, it’s all feel-good tv and it’s hard not to get all emotional when Keith gets emotional! :smiling_face_with_tear:

When I’ve finished them all, I think I’ll watch the Great British Sewing Bee (on iplayer) - again, apart from darning the odd sock, I don’t do a lot of sewing myself but am always amazed at people’s creations and what can be achieved with the humble sewing machine.

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Sounds like good wholesome television.

My late grandmother was a great seamstress. She made all of her 4 childrens clothes until they were in their teengage years and even in her 80s was a dab hand for an alteration or to sow a patch on my skinned knees…all on an old singer with a rocker.

Old skills often lost, but so satisfying :blush:

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Just started this…so far, so good.

On Disney plus (I got a free trial), wouldn’t buy it especially, but worth a look if you have it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any nfl fans watching the games or red zone ?


Sadly I dont understand it enough, or have the patience.

But it does seem to be a good spectacle if you know what you are looking at :rofl:

I tend to watch highlight shows, not the actual games. Tried to get London NFL tickets but missed out this year.

Always book day off work so I can watch the Superbowl but it’s tough trying to stay awake for the whole thing!