Pokemon Go

(Louis Otto) #1

Anyone else here awesome enough to be playing this 2 years in? A colleague and I recently got back in after seeing the trailer for the upcoming game on Switch in November (pure, unadulterated nostalgia for me)


Me! I still play, along with a few members of the family. I don’t know anyone else who plays, although during my commute, I occasionally come across the odd person on public transport playing (and trying to disguise the fact that they are, haha!)

I’m at level 36 and of course, gotta catch 'em all!

(Tommy Lowe) #3

I was sat outside having a :beer: in Canary Wharf on Thursday when this chap walked by gesticulating violently… I caught a glimpse of his phone and I think he was trying to take down a gym leader :joy: I got tired of it pretty quickly but still a big fan of the GBA titles and will be picking up the switch version for sure.

(Louis Otto) #4

I have to admit I got bored of it quite early on, but since jumping back in it’s really kicked my kleptomania off! The extra missions and stuff are pretty interesting too.

Dare I ask…favourite Pokemon, people?

(Tommy Lowe) #5

Entei or Raikou, just because of how glad I felt when I finally caught them.


Bulbasaur - don’t know why but it was my fave from the original Gameboy days!

Of the newer ones, Absol, only because it’s so rare and looks unusual!

(Louis Otto) #7

All good choices :slight_smile: for me it has to be Ninetales

(Jeff puckering) #8

I had to stop… it was getting a bit much! Also I live in a rural area meaning in the early days not so fun as stops and gyms were far and few between. The dog got lots of extra walks but all I got was pigdgey and rattata :tired_face:

Have been tempted to download again but I think my partner would kill me!

(Calum McWhir) #9

Yep, me too. Phone battery wouldn’t allow me to keep up the addiction. Also found it frustrating that even in built up areas I wasn’t able to find any random or rare ones. It got quite repetitive.

It also encouraged me to spend far too much money on eBay completing the playing cards set which I never got round to as a kid (likely at the peak of the market). Oh well.

(Louis Otto) #10

Jesus, yes, I remember paying £25 for a shiny Charizard so many years ago. And there was always that kid with a 1st edition shiny Japanese card that made you feel wholly inadequate as a collector.

(Tommy Lowe) #11

The only comment I’m going to make is this…

My dad sold my entire collection (shinies included) at a car boot for £5, without my knowledge. :frowning:

(Jeff puckering) #12

Feel your pain, my mum sold my old snes and about 25 games, some of which I recently found out are worth over £250 unboxed…

(Tommy Lowe) #13

Dude you’ve gotta hold on to those! I was offered £100 for my yellow Game Boy Color recently (no box, used condition)

(Jeff puckering) #14

Yea I read that at the time, it brought too many painful memories to comment. I went to visit once and asked where it was so I could relive the nostalgia and the response I got was ‘oh you kids have all moved out so I took it to the charity shop’… someone somewhere got a bargain of an investment.

(Big Boss) #15

My mum threw away my Mew and MewTwo holographic playing cards. I have never been more pissed! Don’t even want to think about what they were going for last year when Pokémon Go hit peak euphoria!


Have your partner download too so you can trade with each other!

(Tommy Lowe) #17

Do I need a link cable to lightning adaptor? :wink:


I never saw one in the flesh! Couldn’t you only get them if you attended certain events or something like that?

(Big Boss) #18

Probably… the alternative is you spend a shedload of your hard earned pocket money on a stupid material item that your mum just threw away because she thought “You grew out it”! :rage:

(Tommy Lowe) #19

I can tell that still hurts man, so I’ve got you a present, I’ll give it to you at the launch party or before if we have any meet ups :fist_right:


(Jeff puckering) #20

We downloaded it together originally but as it was early and we were rural the experience wasn’t great, and no trading at that point. Don’t think I could convince her to download again!