Pokemon Go

(Big Boss) #21

Haha what dude?! You serious?!?! :joy:

(Tommy Lowe) #22

(Big Boss) #23

:exploding_head: my hero! :scream:

(Tommy Lowe) #25

“Let me tell you about when I shorted Magikarp…”

(Tommy Lowe) #26

@justin :eyes::grin:

(Big Boss) #27

Hahahaha dude! :joy:

I love the protective case. Essential!

(Tommy Lowe) #28

Gotta protect your investment! :joy:

I’ll keep it safe for you :facepunch:t3:

(Louis Otto) #29

Man, I might have to go for all original 151 again…

(Calum McWhir) #30

If I manage to collect near mint Mark I, Mark II, Jungle, Fossil and Rocket complete sets I’ll die a happy man. Genuinely.

(Louis Otto) #31

English or Japanese? :wink:

(Calum McWhir) #32

English! Wouldn’t mind a few Japanese Charizards, though :rofl:

(Big Boss) #33

Mah man!

(Louis Otto) #34

So I may just possibly have a series of small parcels arriving next week… :eyes:

(Tommy Lowe) #35

Cards? :eyes:

If so… TCG tournament in say, October?

(Louis Otto) #36


I’ve been inspired to collect all the original 151, shinies and all and keep them in a nice folder.

As a kid, I really wanted that, but due to lack of funds and parents selling all my stuff when I moved out - it never happened.

But now, with significantly more funds than 13-year-old me, and the wonder that is eBay, I’m gonna do it.

Sees prices of starting 3 shinies

Yeah, some things really hold their value

(Liam W) #37

No, I played it for a week but didn’t like it.

I do (still) play Ingress though, it’s 10x better.