Underdogs and mobile networks

Hello all,

Not much of a forum’er myself, but I wanted to share something I’ve been working on…

Watching the Freetrade juggernaut gain steam over the last couple years has been inspiring; it’s always exciting when an underdog takes aim at a stagnant industry. I’ve invested twice myself and shouted at anyone remotely interested in money “Sign up for Freetrade!”

And it’s this same philosophy behind what I’m now doing. Last year, I had a horrible customer service experience with a major mobile network. And without much digging, it turned out I wasn’t alone. Friends & family getting screwed by confusing or hidden pricing, waiting on the phone for too long… you know the drill.

So I decided to start my own network, Zevvle. One that’s built for you, with transparent pricing and useful support (if you need it…). We’re launching later this year with sim-only plans, and if you’re anything like me I’d recommend you sign up (well of course I do).

Even better, get your friends involved — we’re offering a month on us (up to 12, of course) for every person you refer that orders a SIM. Just give them your link after signing up.

Thank you Freetrade, and thank you to all the people in the community. I can’t wait to get investing! :freetrade:

Any questions let me know, and have a great week,

Nick :rocket:


Interesting idea for sure!

I tried to sign up but the “Request Invite” button does not seem to work. It either signs me up and does not notify or needs to be repaired. Tried in Chrome and Edge.

Also, I assume the pricing is not going to stay as it is, correct? You easily beat EE and O2 but nowhere near Virgin and Three. I am with the latter and pay £14 for 12GB / 600 min. I can also add unlimited data for extra £5 per month if I need to. Just something to consider.

Good luck with your venture!

Edit: signed up on the pricing page and it worked


Sorry about the issue! First report of its kind in Sentry, will have a dig…

The pricing should come down, especially as economies of scale increase… Having said that, compared to other 30-day plans (Three’s included, ) our pricing is often on-par or better. We don’t have much data for any ‘hidden’ plans they offer…

We hope the differences will show when it comes to support, transparency and customer-driven features.

Thank you! :smile:

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Just looked at your prices and cannot agree with this statement. Just like @Vlad I’m on 3 mobile (exact same plan + Go Binge & Wuntu) and your prices are not on par with the incumbents. They’re not even on par with new entrants such as Smarty by the looks of it.

That being said, I can only wish you the best on this venture. :iphone:


If you’re on an older plan, one that’s longer than 30 days or one they don’t advertise, you’re right. However, their current 30-day pricing (here, under 1 month) is comparative or higher, e.g. 12GB for £23, 3GB for £18, etc.

And they’re a rebrand of Three… Same car, different name.

Thank you! We think it’ll be healthy to have some fresh competition in this space :smiley:


Per GB your prices are higher for one month plans :face_with_monocle: As you say, with economies of scale, let’s hope this comes down & undercuts the incumbents.

More power to you :artificial_satellite:


Thank you :pray:

How will your European roaming change with Brexit? Will it continue to be free in EU or become chargeable?

Also on the Pricing page, when I toggle the different amounts, the price doesn’t change. I’d much rather have 30GB for £20 a month than 1GB :slight_smile:

This is still up in the air… Theresa May said in March that “the UK will not be part of the EU’s Digital Single Market…”, which could spell bad news. EE (our host network) said “while we currently do not have any plans to change our roaming services, we hope the government will put consumers at the top of their agenda in the Brexit negotiations…”

We hope to know soon, and that it’ll be the outcome we all want! :grimacing:

Which browser are you using and on what device? Script didn’t load properly, will look into a script-less version… :rocket:

Firefox on Windows 10

Also you should be aware that you’re setting cookies that appear to contain tracking information without letting the user know, or decline.

I see in your code that there should be a slide down to manage the initial cookies, and that isn’t happening but they’re still being set. You may wish to inline the cookie specific code near the top of the head as you don’t want that to be stopped through a missed script.

Also check those integrity hashes bro :wink:


Hmm, does that mean Freetrade’s isn’t compliant? :wink:

Will get that working! Thanks for the help :pray:

This is a rabbit hole discussion so I’ll park it here by just giving you a bit of advice:

When it comes to any kind of regulation, don’t look at what others are doing. Read and interpret and follow them to the best of your own ability. If a big company gets hit by a fine, they can usually accommodate it - but if someone were to make a complaint about your website, do you think you’re doing the right thing? Do you think your practice is in line with regulations?

If you’re hit by a fine, you can’t reasonably counter with “But they’re doing it”

Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Honestly, I wasn’t aware that implied consent is non-compliant.

Either way, you’re absolutely right and thank you for bringing it to my attention :slight_smile:


This, completely! An ethos of mine is it doesn’t necessarily matter what the outcome of a close call is (within reason) if you can show the regulator or interested party why you acted in such a way and why, at the time, this was deemed appropriate / compliant / reasonable or whatever. If you fall into line with the rest of the industry that may look good externally, but do you know exactly why you’re doing that? Because you may be asked! It’s like getting extra exam marks for keeping and showing your working!

Having said that, I’m happy to take another look on this particular matter. From memory, the last time I reviewed it GDPR was not consistent enough with the e-Privacy Directive to prompt action for ‘normal’ businesses. It tends to be those who are in the business of selling data and tracking your purchase decisions who are interpreting this more strictly, because it’s their core business model. That’s not to say that all businesses shouldn’t treat data and its collection with equal care, but the unequal exposure to regulatory fines across industries naturally affects the average risk appetite. I’ll let you know if and when changes will be run.

It was, but GDPR did set the bar higher for what technically constitutes consent - it now needs to be an affirmative action that is unambiguous and should remain revokable. But something that often gets missed amidst the media hype is that consent is only one of the lawful bases for processing personal data. There are four others, of which legitimate interest is the most interesting in that it invites a data controller to consider whether its own interests can take precedence over the individual’s for a justified purpose. This leads to discussions like the above in every business and, invariably, different firms arrive at different conclusions.

TL;DR: we take regulatory compliance seriously and want to live up to customers’ high expectations :nerd_face:


I guess I am not your typical user as I prefer getting more data over unlimited calls therefore I would prefer cheaper options such as £10 for 5 GB and let’s say 300 minutes instead of the current offering. In addition, I will also try to lower the entry price as it is currently placed on £14.

I think one of the best value mobile networks is CMLink: Order 5G Monthly SIM Online | No Contract Deals | CMLink UK by China Mobile a subsidiary of China Mobile.

for £10 I am getting 3 GB of data and 500 minutes with EU roaming and 5% of your data pack back on a compounded basis. I’ve been with them for almost 5 months and I got about 800 MB extra. In addition they are running a promotion here in the UK lasting until August so you get 200% of additional data.

They run on EE’s network (fastest 4G) and have great prices for plans under £10. This might not be for heavy users with unlimited data, minutes, etc but for people who just want a cheap option for the best value, sounds like a good plan.

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I agree it looks like the lower of the options isn’t in line with the best deals, if you need to sort out your own phone (which your business model seems to require) then the general rule I Have followed is don’t pay more than £10 unless you have higher than 2GB data needs.


EE have matched every deal I have ever found that uses their network and I currently have unlimited calls, texts and 4gb of data for £10 (I usually find the deals from tesco or Virgin and then EE match). As you can see from Martin Lewis for 1Gb deals £5 is becoming the new norm.

All for simplification though, and hope you get enough volumes to price competitively.

[Edit] actually the top end deals can give you 30+GB data for under £20 too which is much cheaper than I thought

Loud and clear :smile: I’m very confident our pricing will come down.

Without the scale of other co’s to start with, we’ll do our best to delight everywhere else. It will be wonderful!

Thank you! :pray:

Latest update is here:


I am not satisfied with the cost. Also for mobile network issue you may check this https://routerlogin.mobi/192-168-1-3/ site. It might be helpful to you.

That’s sad.

I’ve been really happy with Zevvle since switching. Saved me nearly £10 a month.

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