Freetrade Dating 😀

Ha, I’m going to go all out here and ask if there’d be any interest in this, or am I even allowed, oh what the hell :grin::grin:, if you don’t ask you don’t get, right? Peeps if you’re in support of this, please say. It’s a tad different to the mainstream dating sites and we know we’d have at least one connection. Invite me to the wedding… Feedback please :grin::grin:


Somebody was trying this with Monzo and Open Banking iirc.

@anon810895 I have no idea about that, just thought it might be a good idea to connect single people with the same interest. I have no financial interest, honest, :grin:

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That was essentially the idea with they were using for the Monzo dating thing, could connect people who eat, shop and generally spend in similar places using their bank transactions.

I guess it could theoretically work!?! Or at least will match people with simikar interests.

@anon810895, yes maybe but my specifics are so high, it’s better I at least try to find someone on my wavelength or I’m better off single. People these days are so narrow minded. There has to be a certain compatibility…


Haha, come out of the woodwork folkies, I know you’re there :blush::blush:. However if you’re a Labour voter, please run in the other direction. We will definitely not get on!!


@anon810895 fancy a date :joy::joy: you’re the only one who replied here :grin::grin:

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Nice to know whoever signs up to this will have a nice SIPP for me to take

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I’m not single currently but I think this is a fantastic idea. Personal finance / investing is a great shared interest to have considering how much friction money can cause in a relationship. Also don’t think there is a big crossover between serious investors and labour voters if that’s important to you. :joy:



Hi All,

I’m 62 years young and spritely as ever, looking for an equally young gal to share my retirement with. I’ve just started on the the Freetrade a few months ago and put my first £100, going all in with royal mail and holding for the long run. I had a pension from my british leyland days, but can’t seem to find the paperwork. Not to worry, I’ll soon have a good nest egg in the app.

Any lovely ladies interested I’m only a phone call away.




WTF is this thread? Is this an investing forum anymore? JFC…


I’d argue that finding the right person is very relevant to investing - you don’t want to end up with someone who just spends all their (or your) money and doesn’t plan for their financial future.


Makes sense, money related problems are the number 1 reason for divorce.

This is a pretty funny thread though. :rofl:


Maybe freetrade should offer pre-nups too? :joy:


At the risk of lowering the overall tone, this thread made me think of this immediately:



I’ll give it a go, I’m looking for a hot model I can use as a trophie wife, the requirements are as follows,

  1. You’re rich .
  2. You like listening to boring people like me.
  3. You’re an amazing cook.
  4. You don’t mind me working away most of the year.

If you have a big house it will be an advantage :+1:.

Call me.

Carl :smirk:


I forgot to mention, you need to share me with my wife :+1:, thanks for understanding.


Y’all wild!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. This is a good idea for those looking for love. At least both of you get to know what to short or long together. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hahaha @Ceetey29 ”are you looking for a trader or an investor” :rofl:


“Yeah I know it’s called Freetrade, but it’s all about investing”


Both as when the markets look dull they can both seek excitement from shorting or longing the markets. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: