Down Time Drivel

A light hearted thread to chat, share and have some down time.
No talking shop. Strictly drivel only.

I’ll start…

Currently watching this on iPlayer…and it is very funny :rofl: Recommended.

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After seeing that Vampire Survivors shockingly won best video game at the BAFTA Game awards, despite its retro pixelated graphics and simple gameplay, I thought I’d give it a go. Have to say it’s a great (but addictive) game to play with your brain switched off for relaxation! (12 mins is the longest I have lasted so far!)


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I used to play video games but I found I’ve gotten too old. Not too old to enjoy it but too old to react fast enough to whats going on :rofl:

I have a teenage son and we played some Dead Island 2 at the weekend for old times sake as we used to play the original together about 10 years ago.

It was fun…but im past it…too slow now :rofl::rofl:

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Never too old to play video games but hear you on the reaction speed!

To be in with my nieces and nephews, over the years I tried Fortnite (was rubbish as you have to be quick) and Minecraft (was better as it’s planning and building).

Vampire Survivors only uses the up/down/left/right keys so minimal key bashing! :laughing:

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I see you haven’t yet found the huge genre of games that are turn based or have a pause button

They’re the best of the games :smile:


I agree there is no upper age limit…I just chose to retire to save my frustrations :rofl::rofl:

Do they allow for 3 toilet breaks an hour? Im old and drink a lot of coffee :rofl::rofl:



Depends on what you like. I like strategy and building

rimworld, CK3, civ, defcon

There’s also point and click adventures, lots of great games in that genre as well

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I forgot about this game, thanks for reminding me! Have it on the go somewhere but I think I will start from scratch as I didn’t plan very well!

The mods for that game are amazing

I had been playing mod-free!

Which ones do you recommend?

[edit - let me take this off thread so we don’t spam lol]

Today I treated myself to a new gadget.

An Acer Spin 713 Chromebook :laughing:

I have no PC or Laptop at home so this Chromebook will help fill the gap…and I can see my charts and research on the big screen.

Down trends look so much worse on a 14" screen :rofl:

I did a lot of reading reviews first, and so far so good :slightly_smiling_face:

But think how epic the up/green trends will look! They will come…believe :pray:

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I’ve not used a Chromebook in ages, they’re supposed to be pretty decent these days for the basic computer needs

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Todays actual been good…Im currently heavily weighted towards Google and Amazon and today they have come to life :rofl::+1:

The chromebook is pretty good. A sore expense, but I’ll try to use it for postive gains going forward :slightly_smiling_face:

I went OTT and got one with a top spec.

Intel i5 and 8GB RAM :rofl:

Way too much, and too expensive, but hopefully future proof it.

Just need a FT web app - at least for the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’ll get a lot of use out of it though, and the lower spec anything honestly tend to struggle once you do anything other than facebook and email.

android integration is supposed to be good as well. and if you use google… im annoyed by how reasonable their services are :smiley: use all our stuff, all we ask is to mine your data and serve you ads.

google one is pretty good, android has improved a lot though its still has weird bugs :confused: and integration is pretty nice these days as well

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Im impressed with it so far…and I needed a bigger screen for spreadsheets and research - so its an investment tool also :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry to burst your bubble but my ‘spare’ laptop is the same spec and I got it free from work as they were upgrading and throwing old ones away…

But as @Eden says, you will get a lot of use out of it, tracking your investments, doing your research, playing video games which don’t need quick reflexes :rofl: