Friday night entertainment

Hey gang,

My company are putting on a free quiz tonight with prize for a bit of light relief and entertainment.

Feel free to join - all the details are below. Hopefully this isn’t seen as a plug as its free etc :slight_smile:
Maybe see some of you later!



Have fun! :beers: :raising_hand_man:

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Before some of y’all go “Que?”

:black_medium_small_square: YouTube livestream link:
:black_medium_small_square: myQuiz link:

We will have a special guest host as our Quiz Master and he will be asking questions live from our brand new YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe to our channel here:

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Thanks buddy!

How is not using google guaranteed? :smiley:

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You shall see. It is still possible but the question is revealed on the live stream to deter!

Also - people don’t cheat do they???