What else do people do with savings?

Hi just wondered if I was missing something really. I’m growing my number of shares, growing premium bonds. Have a couple of buy to let’s. Have some gold. Is there anything else I should be looking into for long term growth? Already have a good pension (NHS) which has good contributions.
I am in my 30s but just want to try and maximize returns and wondered if anyone explores any other avenues I should be researching. Bitcoin etc worries me so staying clear of that so far.
Thanks all.


Avoid CRYPTO in general tbh property is a nice thing to get into

I was debating whether to look into the holiday let sector but not sure if that’s a good investment. I like to be hands off so by the time I pay the fees for it to be managed may not be worth the hassle.i know I could pay down my residential mortgage but already enough equity in that so when the time is right would downsize and live mortgage free then anyways. Not looking for huge fast gains. Slow and steady and as safe as possible.

Stocks and shares ISA for long term steady growth and tax free. Mine is a vanguard but there are others.

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Flowchart from Reddit ( r/UKPersonalFinance )


We need a Freetrade specific one of these, anyone good with graphic design?


Premium bonds lose value due to inflation so that will offset some wins from other ventures. I would definitely stop getting more unless you are treating it like a lottery game. But well done on what you do have already as that’s pretty impressive for that age. And who says the NHS need a pay rise? :rofl:

Note - That is a joke before anyone gets political/angry.


“This little sucker just saved your life”


Spend it no point saving


I tend to use the premium bonds as a safe lottery. No big cheques through the post this month again tho :-(.
I just try to spread money in different places and hope that something does well.
I work in social care, but get the NHS pension which is nice perk. Don’t get me started on the lack of funding across all of health and social care ha.
It’s nice to know what others are doing, as I would be annoyed if in 30years time I missed something obvious to help the money grow.


ISA / Pension / SO ISA / JISA / Mortgage
Important part of my investing strategy is investing in relationships / skills / health which does take a lot of money as well as I am not saving as much as I could

I am not a multi-millionaire so at this point I am mostly out of money :slight_smile:
Majority of my wealth is tied in an appreciating primary residence and stock market. A tiny bit in bonds and crypto.


Premium bonds form the cash part of my portfolio (a small percentage).

It’s also where I park most of my emergency cash, which some people stick in low paying bank accounts (or under the mattress) but they won’t have a monthly chance of winning something.

No wins for me this month either, although I did get one last month (£25).

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Can you actually extract those money immediately? Or is it 3 days withdrawal?
Also, name some of those premium bonds :slight_smile:

It’s around 3 days withdrawal.

Thus far, I haven’t had an emergency for a large amount of money that couldn’t wait for 3 days.

458BP239795 was the winning bond for me last month :smiley:

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If you are after something more unusual and tangible, how about Whisky? Some distilleries offer casks for sale, see this article [How to buy a whisky cask | Scotch Whisky] (https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/features/25643/how-to-buy-a-whisky-cask/). If you keep your cask for many years (10+) it might appreciate in value nicely, with a bit of luck. If not, you can always throw a really nice party with it. Maybe take it to the kids wedding or something like this.

I have seen many ads on google about Whisky and would avoid those links like the plague, most look dodgy.

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This sounds very interesting… especially as I drink whisky ha. That may be an interesting bit of research

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But would you be able to keep it for 10 years without drinking it? :grin:

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That’s a very fair point ha. Tricky.

I’ve brought a few Lego set that I’ve hidden away (from the wife!) because lego retire sets regularly some become very desirable after the this.

I’m banking on

And I’d like but not be able to not build

That’s a good idea too. I did buy a N64 and stashed it away thinking its bound to be worth alot one day. Looking.at eBay it may need to be kept for a few generations yet ha. I do have corgis I have been given. Have a in box original James bond db5. But that will get passed down to my son I suspect.

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