Shutting down threads that you don’t like?

It’s not good form. We understand that the app is in its early days and there are problems, but shutting down discussion threads as soon as customer services say they’ll look into it lacks transparency and gives the impression there’s something to hide.


What explanation did you get on your ETF price this morning? Was it just volatility/liquidity? It looks like some market maker ripped you off.


I started up a thread this morning regarding a trade that executed at a price 9% higher than the market price at the time. (LSE prices, not what freetrade was showing.) Someone else had the same issue. Then customer support said to contact them and the thread was shortly after shut down. What about the other people with the same problem who want to discuss and compare experiences?


The prices are irrelevant in the app, nobody understands what price they are paying when making a purchase, nobody knows what price they are selling at. It’s the most confusing and irritating app that’s not fit for function yet.

According to the LSE trades register, my trade never happened. Since we have no control over the price we actually pay, I can’t help feeling someone is playing nasty games.

The thread wasn’t hidden, it’s still visible, just locked from further updates. I presume because you are being answered in-app.

I don’t think it’s correct to move from that process to Freetrade “shutting down threads that you don’t like”.


As an FYI I would have closed the thread too after seeing it had been answered.

It makes sense for a support related question to be closed after resolution, as multiple requests in one thread make it harder to track who has been dealt with and who hasn’t.

There was a period of time that anything T212 related was auto shut down due to a significant amount of shilling coming from within the company itself - I’d surmise it got caught up in that.

I would imagine ISAs won’t be going free. :freetrade: has to make money somehow and they do not have the CFDs to subsidise ISAs.


Hi Liz, good point, We’ve re-opened the thread. We do tend to close threads when they are answered, but the issues this morning might be something that further community members may want to discuss!

We always close threads with a comment, and as a participant of the thread, you should receive an email notification (let @Freetrade_Team or myself know if not).

@anon810895’s reply is accurate.


Thanks but the thread is shut down again!

Viktor, I want to let this one rest, but you said the thread had been shut down with an answer. There has been no answer. The only thing that’s happened is that Shanice from customer services has forwarded it to complaints because she doesn’t have an answer. Please do give me an answer if there is one, but don’t fob me off and shut down my ability to respond.