📜 General FT chat megathread 📜

Let’s see if this works to keep some of the other specific threads more organized (see here)…

Chat about anything related to :freetrade: or any other matters to your heart’s content!

Two rules for this thread:

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Enjoy! :muscle:

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New shares inbound ? :eyes:

Btw did anyone noticed the highly improved account switching they was implemented a few weeks ago?

Yes every so often it would calculate my %P/L by taking my GIA total as % of my ISA input I think and be a huge negative red number, give me a heart attack, then update. Won’t miss that :joy:.

Anyone else been unable to download January statement? Mine just refuses to download in either GIA or ISA

Just checked, also can’t.

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My ISA downloaded fine but I don’t have one for my GIA yet.

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I see, not just me then I guess there’s a delay or bug because of the high traffic

Here’s a litre piece of info to dig into curtesy of @adam


I just read two reddit threads that are about a week apart where a couple of people have got into CFDs apparently unknowingly in one case and completely not understanding the risks or costs in another. Its horrifying to say the least, paying stupid amounts in daily fees, and massive losses it seems.

I’ll be honest, im not sure i understand how these types of products are so readily available to people with no education on it? Kind of glad they’re not offered here.


Yea when I was younger I was messing around with CFD’s and lost like £500 it’s a dangerous game. Verification checks weren’t even good enough back then I was like 16-18 messing around with them somehow. So easy to just lose money with leveraged products I was not educated enough to be using them which is pretty obvious cause I managed to create an account under 18. I initially went in thinking Etoro was just like a stock broker.

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Adam’s Twitter thread on Freetrades funding history, going over the crowdfunding and Draper Espirit funding. I’m hoping it ends with some more info on crowdfunding for this year.


Latest interesting update: Sweden is next up

Also he said the crowdfunding community is FT’s largest shareholder, followed by him, and then VC’s


the most interestin and murky world is under “execution venues”… could be dark pools where theres loads of money, could be just wholesale. trading via normal exchanges is borin :thinking: i say we should al trade via IEX

Not really clear on what you’re getting at?

In any case market makers is one of the reasons Freetrade can execute trades faster than some of the competition


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Hope Interactive Brokers dont make a lucrative offer to buy freetrade :laughing:

I was expecting to see Adam’s referral link under that tweet :laughing:

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I had this big reply written out for a topic and the topics now gone :sob: