IMPORTANT: Why we had to limit the US market on 29th January (not our choice and we engineered a solution)

If Dove wants to sell toiletries rather than doves they might as well change their name

If Nike wants to sell trainers rather than Greek Goddesses they might as well change their name

If Orange wants to provide telecommunications services rather than selling oranges they might as well change their name

Shall I carry on?


Every investment starts with a trade. It’s not related to day trading in particular. Similarly, “free” doesn’t mean you’re never going to pay for anything.

Maybe we can just stick to the actual topic of the thread?


no need, you’ve made me feel insignificant already. thank you.

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I aimed at the argument. Not the person.

Can you say the same?

Thanks @Viktor.

When will Novavax be open for buy orders?


I understand that you are currently affected by the trading disruption on a small no of US stocks, namely GME, AMC and around 10 others.

But why is Tesla effected by this or is there a different issue for Tesla, as I already have the stock and simply wanted to buy more, but can’t currently buy it.


Tesla is back now! :moneybag::+1:


In what context?


Weirdly aggressive first post :man_shrugging: but I’ve seen worse on here over the past week.


Cheers, was just about to reply to my own post! :+1:

Driverwealth owns Cuttone & Co. the broker.

Cuttone’s SEC 606 report shows the order flows Index of /rule606/ttuc

It says the largest one been via BoA securities which is bank of america.

I don’t like BoA - they’ve previously secretly sold to Citadel and many high frequency guys…

Cnbc on 23 March said

On Friday, the attorney general announced a $42 million settlement with Bank of America over what it called the “masking” strategy, which was applied to 16 million client trade orders between 2008 and 2013, representing over 4 billion traded shares.

New York’s Eric Schneiderman said Bank of America admitted to having undisclosed agreements with electronic trading firms Citadel Securities, Knight Capital, D. E. Shaw, Two Sigma Securities and Madoff Securities to handle the trades instead.

“Bank of America Merrill Lynch went to astonishing lengths to defraud its own institutional clients about who was seeing and filling their orders, who was trading in its dark pool, and the capabilities of its electronic trading services,” the attorney general said in a statement.

Elon Musk is on our side: Cnbc reported today from that Clubhouse call

““To what degree are you beholden to Citadel?” Musk asked, to which Tenev replied: “There is a rumor that Citadel or other market makers pressured us into doing this and that’s just false.””

it would be funny if it was retail buying retail on margin that caused the worst week

< - GME retail flow - citadel

They should be working jn financial compensation for us that have had losses as a result of decision we did not make.

You made a decision to invest and they allow you to sell


i don’t follow? - I aimed my argument at Kenny… in response to the debate we were having.

I can’t sell these stocks either. It says I have 0 on the sell page. Is this happening for everyone?

Have you set limit orders on these ?

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Freetrade was mentioned in this American article and the FX provider was mentioned

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When you put an Update please put a time/date otherwise there’s no context. Thanks

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