Wall Street Thanks You! Reformed Broker

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“For HFT firms and market makers, volatility + volume = profits. Wall Street does not feel attacked by this, outside of the long-short hedge fund complex (which definitely does). If anything, Wall Street’s entrenched interests are very heavily rewarded by all this activity – because Wall Street does not pick sides. They get paid by both sides of the trade and make even more money when there is a scramble to lay off risk. “Wall Street” is not one of the roosters in this cockfight, Wall Street is the f***ing ring.” Wall Street thanks you for your revolution - The Reformed Broker

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Yes, there is an element to this of certain institutions benefiting from any activity, regardless of who is taking what side of the trade.

However, this view that you’ve linked is referring to ‘Wall Street’ as a single entity. In reality, probably most people do not have issue with the systemic and ancillary services involved in trading. They are more concerned by the individual hedgefunds etc. that are seemingly practicing market manipulation or at least acting in ways that most would find unethical.

I don’t think most people are against the market makers at this point and it’s not a benefit to refer to all of the different types of companies as just ‘Wall Street’.

The question is whether this ‘revolution’ has had a net benefit and I would argue that it will have, by the amount that it has brought the current system up to scrutiny, regardless of whichever ‘side’ makes the most money in these current events.

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the trades are so cheap, so if we aren’t trading on IEX, we are the product :laughing: every time. sharks are everywhere

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Haha, that’s a good point. Maybe trading has become so cheap because it means more people for institutions to win money off.

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“Reddit is my favorite app where psychopaths take advice from sociopaths” - ReformedBroker :crown:

“I think you’re gonna see three kinds of posts … a lot of people doing incredible fundamental diligence… many of them are doing as good or frankly a better job than hedge fund analysts I work with…” - Chamath :crown: on Cnbc

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