RC365 Holding plc - RCGH - Share chat

This company focuses on payment gateway solutions, IT support and security services.

RC365 shares have been recommended to me by a few people, but ever since I purchased some a week ago the price has plummeted by 30% - does anyone have an intel on this drop?

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Motley Fool not always the best but may be of interest

Thanks, looked like I lucked out - thankfully only had a small investment with them so have cut my losses :+1:t2:

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Lost that much not worth selling now. No one hopeful of it ever shooting up again?


Kind of agree. Not even sign of it settling or recovery. Keep me find much info to suggest brighter times ahead either

Very much new to all this, bought at 13.50 last week. A small investment, testing the waters. They seem to have rallied a we bit today, more than a we bit tbh. What is the expectation for the future? Is it a share to hold onto or cash in when there’s a quick profit to be made? TIA :love_you_gesture:

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I am quite new to this also mate. Generally do not find much positive about these, but completely up to you how you trade. I would stay I was too loyal to sone of my first trades and now waiting for better days!

Morning. Thanks for replying. I’m sticking with them may as well. Thinking I bought at perhaps / maybe close to bottom price. As typing they are dropping again and close to where I bought them. Tricky to know what to do. If I / we can make a few quid along the way then all good. :+1:

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If you look at its form over the last 3/6 months it doesn’t really suggest a huge recovery is on the way. If I had bought when you have and have some gains I’d be out of here and looking around. That said I could be wrong and it could bounce back.

Recently took our £150 and lost a 1/3 in a week - read somewhere is was going to be on the up :see_no_evil: how stupid I was - no point cashing out in it for now after such a loss

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Fingers :crossed_fingers: it moves back on up for you, for us all :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I’m fairly new to this. I bought into this back in august, & I’ve near enough, nothing left to sell, as it’s just continued to drop. Does anyone think there’s even a slight chance this will recover, or what is happening with this company?

I cut my losses on these as cannot see any signs of recovery. But could happen I guess

It’s a shambles of an investment, don’t understand how it has just gone down.