Related stock section

A small section at the end of each stock page showing similar stocks. For example, Tesla stock could show other electric car companies (like Nio), lithium battery suppliers (like Panasonic) or even something like semi conductor companies (like Applied Materials).

I think that would make it easier to pick stock, let the algorithm find a related stock for us that we can research, rather than researching and hoping the stock is listed on the app :slightly_smiling_face:

While I don’t disagree per se, stocks already have a category and tapping that allows you to see others in the same sector. “similar” isn’t as strictly defined and you may well find people disagreeing with what makes two companies similar. The existing categorisation system works, is strictly defined and allows users to quickly see other companies in the same category.

Thats fair enough, I hadn’t really considered the logistics of it all. Just something I thought could be cool addition

This is off topic kinda but closes to what I had in mind
Maybe if the app allowed users to have up to 5 personalised sections to add stock that they are watching/interested in.

@Jamesdean it looks like this might be the sort of thing you might be talking about.

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@NeilB spot on :+1:
The community is a better place with people like you around.
May you live long and prosper generously :grin:


That’s very kind, a community can only be great because of all the people in it. :facepunch:t2: