[Feature Request 🔧] Allow Watchlist Sorting

I think it would be great if the watchlist had a sorting feature.

Possible sorting categories:
Stock price - High/Low
Gains & losses - High/low
Custom (Individual preference)


100% good shout.

This is a good idea, I like it.

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Like sorting a Spotify playlist on mobile

I would like to be able to tag it as well, with some criteria defined by ours selves:

  • conviction: high, medium, low
  • status: investigate, potential, buy



Yes, Please allow me to reorder it.
Especially that it is so easy to remove from watchlist while you try to swipe up or down (IMO button hit area is too big) I keep finding myself removing whole watchlist and creating it again as I like to keep it organizeb by type (finance, mining etc)


Yes, this is a great idea :ok_hand:

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This is a good idea as i place stocks on the watchlist for different reasons and not just for stuff i want to buy at a later date. Would be nice to categorise based on user preference as others have mentioned above.


Smart idea

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This is a great idea. I would love to rank my own watch list so those that I have fully researched and am likely to buy next are at the top. A slide to delete/remove from watchlist would also be fab.

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I have about 20 entities in my watchlist, just thought it’d be nice to rearrange them

Couldn’t agree more, this would be a great feature

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Just bumping this as my watchlist is getting crazy now, i need a way to sort the stocks and make it easier to find what i’m looking for.
Its gotten so bad i no longer scroll down the watchlist, I just use the search function in the ‘discover’ section.


Watchlist sorting AND permanent alerts on price & % movements.

Checking & using other apps is wearing thin on time. Especially the price % alerts. Let’s bring these FreeTrade :partying_face:


I’m actually curious and wondering if any freetrade developers could answer. For a relatively simple feature like this watchlist sorting feature.

From the time it’s agreed upon, how long would it typically take to design, build, test and deploy to production?


Amazing idea, hopefully this is acknolwedged :grimacing:

Created an account just to reply.
I’m not a freetrade developer.
They already store a watchlist for each person. They now have to store the order for each item in your watchlist. Then create a user control that allows dragging/re-ordering. If such a user control does not exist, they’d have to create it from scratch. A user control should exist but does depend on the framework they use. I have a feeling they use flutter framework.

Even if they use Flutter or native there are a dozen libraries to reorder lists. Also you just need to store the order in users watch list, which any developer knows is easy to do.

A more advance feature would be creating custom grouping with custom item order with in these groups. Which any isn’t really that complex to do.

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The Freetrade universe is getting too big to manage using the existing watchlist. More user customisation is needed.


Agreed - surely this can’t be too hard to add?

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