[Feature Request 🔧] Allow Watchlist Sorting

Trading212 have excellent in-app portfolio and watchlist management. Their uptime & execution issues forced me to find an alternative, and Freetrade is a big usability downgrade. FT frontend developers need to have a play with T212 app.

I actually have a demo portfolio with T212. Im not a fan of their UI at all but they do have some functionality that would benefit FT.

It’s been a year since it was proposed, any updates? As it stands now, it just doesn’t work if you haven’t invested in the specific stock because it gets pushed all the way down and the only way to resort it is to delete all of them and add them back one by one manually with the ones you like showing on top first.


I received a message from the team stating that it wasn’t being worked on. More votes are needed for this to be considered among their priorities I think.

I’d like to see in the FT a watch list like that of Stocktwits that moves according to the stock price. I think it would be great, but with the current delay of 4 min in the price update I think this would be something impossible.

But I also like your idea.

bump! We need something like this!!

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Agreed and also categories.


Help us freetrade. Our watch lists are out of control. Don’t make me set up an offline spreadsheet. Please


This is a great idea and gets my vote but having filters on both investments and watchlist would be best :+1:


I would like options enabling me to sort from high to low etc. amount of shares, value, return percentage increase/decrease, etc. of our Investements AND watchlist.

Great first post. Welcome.

Can we have the same sorting options for the investments list too?

It’s been over a year now and I still think this function needs to be added. Surprised only 136 voted on this.

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I feel like this is a very basic and quick to do and would improve many users daily experience by a mile. Please add:

  • allow multiple watchlists
  • allow sorting and filtering on investment type/market/currency

Problem is they probably spent more time on the article than the problem if it was only 1hr as they state :rofl: Sort lists are soooo simple to do and very in demand without changing any fundamentals.

So it is very strange that it is so slow to implement. I am one of the more pro FT members but this is a very poor function of the app for me. Not even being able to sort stocks by alphabet is a real pain let alone the more complex filters people want. Fingers crossed they get it done soon. :crossed_fingers:


Let’s get some votes in for this idea! Do it for @Big-g



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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We’re 5 months away from my post being 2 years old. That’s a pretty long time to wait for this function to be implemented, especially if it really is easy to do. If anybody is able, please give Freetrade a helping hand. :joy:

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+1 this will be a useful feature.