Customisable watchlists

Just quick suggestion

My watchlist is getting quite big now and there doesn’t seem a way to move certain ones around or create them in an order I want, it just adds my most recent watched to the bottom of the list.

Anyway of getting a press and hold to move them up or down so I can organise my list into my faves at the top ?

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Would be nice to have a categorised watchlist where you could create folders within your watchlist of certain stocks. It does get tedious scrolling all the way down


This kind of thing has been suggested plenty previously. The team watches the forums, so they know it’s wanted. Chances are that watchlist improvements are on their to-do lists. I wouldn’t expect it to be a huge priority, though.

Come Freetrade - sort this one out onetime

Would also be good to have a number displayed of how many companies you have on your watch list.

another comment for allowing us to customise the watchlist.
Ideal = allow custom headings/folders/categories (e.g. all finance one group, all energy another etc)
Immediate = allow custom ordering (can at least drag all finance together etc)

Seconded, ability to create customisable, collapsable sections to the watchlist. It’s unrealistic just to have one long watchlist.

Would it be possible to create an easier feature for adding/removing stocks in the watchlist. I am hoping for a UX similar to Spotify’s ‘song-liking’ where you swipe left on a song to like it. I think that this feature could be useful for the watchlist, as I often find myself with stocks that I no longer want to watch because it takes two clicks too many to remove it. Whereas if it were a simple swipe left to add or to remove this could make the watchlist become more practical for Freetrade users.

Furthermore, I think it would be useful to have the stocks that you most recently added at the top of the watchlist rather than having them at the bottom.

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