Repligen (RGEN)

Who are they?
Repligen develops, manufactures and sells products used in biological drug manufacturing. Simpy put: Repligen helps biotech companies produce their drugs - who all need specialised equipment to manufacture their products.

Why bother?

  • Repligen benefits from a strong rise in production of complex biologics
  • The acquisition of C technologies gives the company in new business line in analytics - this is just one of four deals they completed.
  • Smart management is outmaneuvering rivals with a focus on improving various manufacturing processes - their process reduces implementation costs by as much as 55% for their biotech clients

Market opportunity?

  • The addressable market is $9 billion, growing annually with 8-9%. Repligen has sales of $210 million and expects to grow revenue at 20% per annum.

It’s stock is trading 16.9% below all time high, at the time of writing.

Looks too good to be true