[Request] Absolute Software Corp (ABST)

Hi, first post :slight_smile: I’m interested in investing in this company. Just been hearing a lot of positive things.

Absolute Software Corp NASD: ABST

American-Canadian company specializes in endpoint security and data risk management

In January 2020, Absolute was listed by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies to watch in 2020.

Absolute’s flagship product is the Absolute Platform, formerly known as Data and Device Security (DDS). Absolute relies on patented Persistence technology, which is embedded into the firmware of most computers, tablets, and smartphones at the factory.

The Persistence module is activated once the Absolute agent is installed. If the software client is removed from a device through flashing the firmware, replacing the hard drive, reimaging the device, or resetting the device back to factory settings, Persistence technology will trigger an automatic reinstallation of the software client.
Persistence technology is embedded in more than half a billion devices worldwide.

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Thanks for a well written good stock request with some nice details, Freetrade don’t currently support the Tokyo exchange but you can buy this on the NYSE (NASD.ABST) so probably worth amending the title.

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