Avast Software 💾 🦠 - AVST

This Czech cybersecurity firm has the largest market share of anti-malware products and is the owner of freemium antivirus software AVG.

Been following them for a while. Solid company delivering constant growth.



So. At what price do you think norton will buy them out?
And am i correct in thinking that my shares will sell automatically for the buy out share price to give Norton control of the company?
Or will i somehow retain my shares?

Thabks for any help

Reading the article… We can expect £6.40 per share if everything goes to plan. And before aug 11 too so still plenty of profit to be made in these shares, im buying more

At what price the takeover occurs ( if it occurs) and the particulars of the final offer is anyone’s guess at this moment. Ideally there will be interest from other parties to drive the price higher.

At the same time I did read in another article it might get a closer look from the powers that be as to whether two companies merging with such large market shares would be consumer friendly. So in short I still think there’s some way to go yet as to whether it finishes higher or lower than today’s price!

For a share that’s been trading sideways the last few months it’s a welcome shot in the arm!


Mid 2022, I hope nobody’s in a hurry for the payout :cold_face:

Hey people…

Okay. so I’m a holder of Avast.

Got a message today that “Under the terms of the offer, shareholders of Avast Software s.r.o are due to receive 7.61 USD in cash and 0.0302 of NortonLifelock Inc for Avast Software s.r.o share held” ← That’s literally how they phrased it! (Effective 24th Feb)

I wish they’d state things a bit more clearly. Maybe give me an estimate based on my current holding… anyway…

Let’s assume I currently hold 100 shares of Avast. Can someone please clarify the following…

Does this message mean that:…

a) I will receive 7.61 USD + 0.0302 for each share IN ADDITION TO the current value of my 100 shares.


b) I will receive 7.61 USD + 0.0302 for each share IN EXCHANGE FOR the current value of my 100 shares.

Thanks folks.

It’s a merger so it will be in exchange. Assuming 100 shares, that means you would end up with USD$761 and 3.02 shares of nortonlifelock


Also, what happens if I now sell my shares of Avast before Feb 24th? Would I not get anything, even though I received that message?

And also, what happens for people who buy between now and Feb 24th?

You wouldn’t get anything if you sell beforehand, no (other than the value of your shares).

The final date for buying, or selling any shares will be 23rd February. On the 24th, the shares will be suspended, anyone who holds at this point will receive details of the offer.

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It won’t be instant and could take sometime for the new company to distribute the shares and cash.

Do I make more money if I keep the shares or if I sell?

Dose anyone know when the change over will take place.

I don’t think anyone knows, the British government threw a spanner in the works.

Spanner removed…

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Keep spanner in tool box.
Showing a tidy 49.17% gain or £113.45 at time of typing.

Any idea when these shares will be unlocked and transferred over to Norton?


Received a message yesterday but all that has happened is my Avast disappeared. Initial communication had a payout per share and a proportional allocation of Norton stock per share.

I can’t see that either have been done.