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Avst are doing so good for me I’m cautious to buy more


Bought Avast as my first ever stock May 19 @ £3.15 then added some along the way. Today im up 46% on my holding. Beginners luck i guess:)


Avast was one of my first and has been good to me too. I bought on 21st October at £4 and up today 31%.

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Avast plunged recently due to a spyware scandal. They are winding that business down now.

It’s disgusting, but somewhat expected. I used Avast years ago, the idea of free anti-virus was that the vendor would have much greater exposure to exploits in the wild, and so be able to improve their engine, while upselling you premium products. I stopped using them because they got increasingly scummy trying to install more products without my consent.

I didn’t actually think they would just completely sell out and sell your entire browser history to any willing buyer.

I hope someone lobs a class action their way.

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Honestly, I’m surprised people are picking this up at all, I work in IT & Tech and Avast is literally just awful, it’s not what I’d consider the best anti-virus or protection software at all.

Signup for the free stuff and then it hounds you to upgrade, might be good for business and the numbers $$$ but I don’t see the lasting the long haul, similar to McAfee, in my opinion there’s just better out there on the market but sadly the best technology doesn’t always win.

PR & marketing is one hell of thing, for the reason I wont touch it regardless of the numbers, may be something I end up regretting (like I said, best tech doesn’t always trump the shit tech) but, that being said, it’s one of the ones along with AVG that constantly pops up to newbies and those that are older and not as tech savvy, So PR & Marketing along could probably drive the company to success.

As the above article shows though, as a company, they’re practices are a little shady, they’ve been abusing user data and it’s not what I’d expect from an anti-virus software, I’d want something a little more safe , secure and private. Privacy being the main #1 key!

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any recent thoughts on this one?

It’s dropped around 15% for me and has been struggling to gain momentum to the upside since it released the Jumpshot news.

Avast fell by 20+% since Jumpshot. That’s over £1B in market capitalisation. Taking into account the wind-down costs, Jumpshot should be a ~$200M hit. So it looks oversold.

However, that drop in value came from an all time high, after the stock spiked upwards at the beginning of the year. I don’t know what caused that. YTD the stock has fallen 7% which may be a more realistic picture.

There’s still the risk of GDPR fines over Jumpshot. I’m surprised there’s no US class action, but I don’t know what jurisdictions or legislation would apply.

I don’t actually see any long term damage to the Avast brand. If you’re using Avast, you clearly don’t give a damn. You’ll get a clearer picture with earnings this week. I’d hold on.

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