Can't get past lockscreen - just downloaded app

Hello, I’ve just downloaded this app and despite adding it to the list of locked apps on my BitDefender account, every time I try to open the app I just get the “You must set a secure lockscreen on your device in order to use Freetrade”. I’ve unistalled then re-installed the app plus re-booted my phone (Android). Has anyone got any ideas on how I can actually open this app?!

Did you set lockscreen on your phone?

Not on the main screen - it’s just on individual apps.
Weird thing is I have been able to activate the app on my spare (also Android and Motorola) phone.
Any idea on how to fix this though? I don’t really want to have to keep switching to my ‘emergency backup’ phone to complete trades. Thanks.

I think you need to set it on your main screen

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Yes I know - I experienced a flawless way of setting it on my backup phone but on my regular phone I just get the purple screen as previously described. Any ideas?

Is it not your anti virus blocking it? Maybe a setting on that if another phone allows it.

I don’t think so - I just put the same anti virus on the backup phone and it works fine? Any other ideas??

Maybe putting anti virus on the phone with the app already on is ok as it is pre installed but adding the app to a phone with anti virus already on needs some kind of permission?

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I would delete antivirus maybe and try then re-install it.

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Thanks Gary - I uninstalled the anti-virus, re-booted the phone then re-installed Freetrade…still the problem remains unfortunately. Would be more palatable if they had a web version to use on my laptop but alas not!