Remove Secure Lockscreen requirement

Opened Freetrade for the first time and the following message instantly pops up “You must set a secure lockscreen on your deive in order to use Freetrade”.

I dont have a passcode or a fingerprint setup on my phone and prefer to look after it and not waste time passing security. There is no reason to have this requirement which ruins the rest of the way I use my phone. Please just add an app only security feature like what Hargreaves Lansdown, Barclays or Monzo do. Just lazy coding and might mean I wont use Freetrade.

Certainly makes a change for people to ask for less security!


So you’re saying that if someone steals your phone, that does not have a passcode or fingerprint identity on it. That you will be happy for them to access your Freetrade app and have full control over your positions and money? Ludicrous…


You need pin or biometric to buy or sell

I’d definitely turn off an app lock. My phone is locked, that’s enough for me

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Since you mentioned it, for everyone else - there’s an idea for that here Turn off passcode/biometric access to app :ballot_box:


I think honestly the simple solution here is to just give people the choice (same as in Monzo) that way it works for everyone.


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No that’s not what he’s saying. The app already has its own lock, so if someone gets access to the phone they won’t immediately have access to the app.

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Could you please update settings to allow the option of login when there is no mobile screen lock.

This is the only app I have that requires both an app PIN and a screen lock.

I have a hardware malfunction that means I require a software on/off button for which a screen lock is not suitable. Also, I may wish to change screen lock requirements depending on location.

To be clear, this is not the app PIN, this is the mobile screen lock which should be at the discretion of the user.


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Me too. I voted for this.

My mind is worth more than an endless stream of meaningless memorable codes, email addresses, login credentials, and six digit PIN codes. I want to have fun in life. Not turned into a adding machine! :slight_smile: