[Feature Request 🔧] Remove PIN lock screen

Can an option be added to the app to stop it logging me out so often? I quite often flip between apps on the phone, and logging in less often would be great.


Are you referring to having to enter your PIN when opening the app?

Or is your app somehow logging you out completely between each use causing you to go through the full log-in flow each time?

I think it’s there from a security perspective but I guess you have to enter the pin to sell or buy anyway so it doesn’t need to be. I’d just love a widget on my home screen, then I wouldn’t open it as often.

There is a bit of leeway on my phone as I can flick between applications and return to Freetrade without the pin - not sure if there’s a time limit as wait long enough and it needs the pin again.

Other brokers I use are completely unforgiving - come out and the pin is needed to get back in always.

Yes it isn’t entering the PIN when I first open the app, or when I buy or sell but moving between apps. I don’t know if it’s the phone (Android 9) but sometimes I seem to stay logged in longer than other times. It’d be nice if this timeout could be user configurable in some way.

Cheers all

You’re never logged out. The PIN screen is locking the app, not logging you out of it.

Now that’s cleared up, I would agree that it would be good if the PIN lock behaviour could be amended. Ideally I’d like to be able to turn it off completely like with the Monzo app.

(I’m not worried about security because my phone has a PIN lock).

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