[Request] Adidas (ADS.DE)

ADIDAS SHOULD be on here

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With the launch of future.loop in the near future and their focus on reducing environmental waste Adidas have a bright future ahead of them. I look forward to their inclusion in the freetrade lineup.



The coronavirus outbreak has brought Adidas’ business in China to a near-halt.

The world’s second largest sporting goods manufacturer said on Wednesday a significant number of its stores and partner stores were still shut down, and those that were open are suffering a big drop in customer traffic.

As a result, business activity has plunged by around 85% since the Chinese New Year on 25 January from the same time the year before, Adidas said.

This would be a great purchase considering the current situation. Please get this in!

Innovations like this aren’t going to do anything for the bottom line and don’t make a stock more of a buy. They’re more of a CSR PR exercise.

Having interviewed people who’ve developed similar materials, there are big questions around commercial scalability. Are we really expecting Adidas to invest in giant vats of mycelium?

Not necessarily. You already have smaller companies that almost exclusively use plant-based or otherwise natural materials to produce shoes.
One example is allbirds. They are allegedly already profitable and their shoes are amazing.

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Well, yes, a number of sustainable materials can be scaled up, but I was referring to the mycelium example.

Adidas are supposedly partnering with a startup manufacturing the fungus leather and products will be available next year. But, personally, I think the product range will be limited – high-end couture.