[Request] Bayer (BAYN)

Trading below the previous market cap of Monsanto, which it acquired in cash.
Not without its risks, but seems like a good potential value investment


One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies listed in the American market

BAYRY is the over the counter name.

Of the ADR.
No idea why you guys would want to add those. It would be much more logic to add the actual shares listed on the German market - which is BAYN.

Want to request this one too - the Monsanto acquisition makes this stock really interesting for me and I would really like to buy in.

Actually the bad stock performance comes from the Monsanto acquisition and the corresponding fines and lawsuits. Iā€™m sure Bayer would not make this decision again if they had correctly estimated the fallout.

Regardless, I have a view on the future of the business and would like the opportunity to invest on that basis.