What's your ten bagger?

For the uninitiated: https://www.google.com/amp/s/investinganswers.com/dictionary/1/10-bagger%3Famp

But yeah, what are you really bullish on and why?


Freetrade :chart_with_upwards_trend::freetrade:


As Cam said Freetrade but for a now public stock I own I would say Amarin. Their drug Vascepa has got further FDA approval and looks strong for next year. Already up 58% on it but hoping for a huge 2020 with it. If they can get past patent challenges in all the terrotories I think they’ll do it (over a number of years). Also I’ve heard the CEO speak a few times and he seems like he can be the one to steer it home

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What platform is Amarin available on?

It’s a Nasdaq stock so should be readily available on any broker that has good US coverage.

You can vote for it on Freetrade here:



For me Tesla.


I’ve bought on DeGiro. Please vote everyone :pray: It was only me and @zylan that were pushing it before in the stock request thread. I think I’ll be topping up in the new year so would love to see this on FT when it launches in Ireland

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I’m bearish on everything- a global recession is imminent, time to liquidate!


Sock drawer is loaded with gold!


Where do you live mate? :wink:


And then wait until Jan when all the 401k and Roth IRAs fire in money. Same deal every year in December. Also tax-loss selling happens a lot at this time

I actually think it’s broken through and it’s going to do great next year as well. It won’t be 25% S&P great but I hope I’m wrong. I think the conservative majority and hopefully the sorting of Brexit brings a bit of certainty to investors. The only obstacles I see next year are the China trade deal.

Even the Europe 600 has broken through and it hasn’t done anything in 20 years. Remains to be seen if it can keep that. All aboard the trump train into 2021 I hope :joy:

If we get a China US trade deal, an EU UK trade deal, a US UK trade deal and add this to majority certainty in the UK (and maybe the US?) it could be a bumper year for stocks.


Hope you’re right. The UK is prime for investment right now compared to Europe. Even has the Americans perking up

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I think we are getting a bit out of topic here. I personal think about Disney since it will really effect the Live Streaming market with D+

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Hahaha. Disney a ten bagger? At the current valuation? Lol. Unless you’ve been holding since like the jurassic era, I fail to see how disney can become a ten bagger even if D+ dominates the streaming industry.

Keep in mind I hold Disney. Do I see them going 10%+? Maybe. 20%+? Hopefully. 30%+? Potentially. 1000% up? No bloody way.


Lets wait and see then :slight_smile: what is your ten bagger?

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Same with Tesla. It would be lovely but they’re valued at what 65 billion or so at the moment? I’m not sure there’s some growth left, but not tenfold.


My closest potential to a 10x is Apple. I’ve held it so long, I’m at 8+ so far.

I hold AMD now, and have previously held it and made money on it. Had I just held it all that time, that would easily have been 10x, but I didn’t believe in them all that time. I wouldn’t be surprised if some here have 10xed their return on it.

I hold CD Projekt Red. I’m sure lots of Poles have 10xed their return on that. Had you bought as late as 2016, you’d have 10xed. I joined Degiro just to buy it, but that only happened in 2018, I would have bought it earlier had it not been that added friction of finding a service that offered it. So it’s important that Freetrade expand their universe. I hope Cyberpunk does well, but a single game is not going to make them double the size of EA for the 10x.

With so much money in private markets, companies are IPO’ing a lot later, it’s a lot harder to get in early for that 10x.


:heart_eyes: up an incredible 77% this year and a lot more to run. Life long holding right there. Samsung looks a good buy right now too might have to delve more into that

Very very true

I’m going for Draper Esprit (GROW). They have lots of investments in unlisted companies in there that I like, including Transferwise, Trustpilot & Perkbox.

Lots of risk, but a big upside if a few of these go on to IPO.