New to freetrade

Any tips for what company to buy shares in.


Lots of good resources in threads like this

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I’ve just brought shares in Alliance Pharma. I had a look at their filed accounts and operating profit an in the last 12mts they jumped from £30.6M to £155.3M. While there share price is trading at £1.022 it’s well worth a punt. Especially when the UK Gov is about to start significantly increase is big pharma spending to £658bn!!!

Sorry to break this to you but the operating profit was halved compared to the year before at £16 million and not £155m.

I know nothing about the company so won’t comment on the prospect.

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I would also question these numbers. And I know SFA


SFA?? I’m pretty sure of the numbers I’ve seen filed, whether the government stick to their plans I dont know but I’m still gonna give it a punt.

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Thanks for the info but, still think it’s worth a lil punt. Cheer for the correction too :love_you_gesture:t4:

Can you post the link on here,if you don’t mind. Thank you