[Request] Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli (LISN)

I would to add Lindt Chocolate to the stock requests

Hi @SarLondon111 The EU expansion is the top priority of FT right now, once they’re live we’ll get access to European stocks - we don’t know when this happen or if the Swiss exchange will be included in the first roll out. Tent pole listings on national exchanges will likely be the first to go live.

@NeilB I appreciate there is an EU role out going on. Not sure Switzerland is being prioritised and either way I wanted to request Lindt stocks here as they’re quite unusual because they are quite expensive as there are not many available in circulation.

I didn’t know if anyone else would want this too, As they’re priced at ~ 90,000 CHF each (~74k each with current exchange rates)

So, I’m also curious if others here also would be interested in requesting it.

Thank you!

Nice chocolate

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@Coolsmp. Yes ! Also I like to invest in things I believe in and I would buy myself. I eat a lot of chocolate and I think Lindt is not necessarily the best Swiss Chocolate but in general it compares well to most international brands :yum:

I also know a bit about Switzerland and I believe in that being a strong product for years to come.

I’ve edited the title as the full instrument name is required. If they’re adding a hundred stocks at a time, just a minute or thirty seconds extra per stock slows them down a fair bit. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect this from a user who would like a stock added.

As an aside, Lindt is far from the best. At least that what it seemed the Swiss think when I visited. If I recall correctly, there are two types of chocolate. I don’t believe it’s the artisan level/type and it’s certainly not the most popular of the lesser/cheaper types. It’s not bad stuff, though.

@beermoneytrader thank you for the edit! Sorry, I should have checked properly. Much appreciated.

And yes in my experience the Swiss don’t think it’s that great. I think that’s something to do with the quality of all Swiss chocolate just being so good. But in my opinion, for a large internationally recognised chocolate company, it’s much better than the other brands. I recognise this maybe down to personal tastes though :relaxed:

Ps- next time you go to Switzerland, I recommend the Laderach factory tour!

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