[Request] Cielo Waste Solutions

Cielo Waste Solutions Inc [C.CMC]

As you may or may not be aware, there are 3 listings for this company. Freetrade doesn’t currently support any of them and I don’t imagine that the OTC Markets or Canadian listing will be supported soon. It’s possible that the German listing will be added to :freetrade: when the European expansion happens. I don’t imagine that any of the listings will be added in the comings days, though I’d love to be wrong.


Why is this stock not available?

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For the reasons listed above.

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Really cool company with a bright future. Need to invest soon!

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This company - including different listings/instruments on different exchanges - has been requested before. In future, please search before posting a request. I’ve linked this one below. It’s unlikely to be listed soon for the reasons you’ll see in that thread.

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Request noted though not possible for the time being for the reasons @beermoneytrader mentioned.

Watch this space in future though.

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Ok. Can I ask if DPLS will be listed on freetrade?