[Request] Cryomass Technologies - CRYM

Hi Freetrade, can you add Cryomass Technologies to your stock list. I have been given a tip that this is a good stock to invest in

If you want a stock voted it is best to vote for it yourself or why should others? Also, worth putting more details about the company and write the name in the title which I have changed for you. :+1: Also, what tip have you been given? Below are some links for info.

Oh, and welcome to the community. :+1:

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Thanks Big-g, I am new to this so wasnt aware of what I had to do. My tip came from Dollar Vigilante which I subscribe to.

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I hope you’re being very cautious with ‘tips’ like this. More often than not it’s a pump and dump scheme: Pump and dump - Wikipedia


He has a whole team of analysts working for him, analysts in stocks and crypto . It is his first personal stock pick in 5 years

Sure, it’s your money. :slight_smile:
Just wanted go give a ‘tip’ myself, especially since analysts perform worse than ‘dart throwing monkeys’.

Hope it works out for you :pray:.

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Cheers for advice and concerns. I wouldn’t be gambling my life savings on it for sure!