[Request] Defiance SPAC ETF

Hi Guys,

Please can I kindly request to add SPAK, it is the first SPAC ETF this could be a gamechanger and T212 doesn’t have it so we can get ahead of the game.

@Viktor I know you got magic hands please make this happen, I’ll Freetrade massively.

Can’t be added, it’s an US etf.
You can use the search to check why ETF without KIID cant be added

Yes please add this!

I know 1000s will buy this guaranteed!

I’m fully aware this, that’s why we can’t add the ARK ETFs. It’s still worth keeping this on file for any future changes.

This is also available on Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab

ARK ETFs should also be added.

Limiting access to financial products is an absolute disgrace. Freetrade should be trying to break down these barriers!

The whole point of freetrade is to create ‘easy access’ to financial products.

Otherwise it’s just another average platform and no one wants average…

You don’t seem to understand that it’s a regulatory issue. It’s the law, not freetrade…

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“disgrace” :unamused: