[Request] Energy Technology (CBAT: CBAK)

CBAT: Why a Buy (23/12/2020)
CBAK Energy Technology Inc (CBAT) is engaged in the manufacture, commercialization, and distribution of a variety of standard and customized lithium-ion high power rechargeable batteries which are mainly used in electric vehicles, light electric vehicles, electric tools, energy storage, uninterruptible power supply, and other high power applications. The company manufactures five types of Li-ion rechargeable batteries namely aluminum-case cell, battery pack, cylindrical cell, lithium polymer cell, and high-power lithium battery cell. Geographically, it generates a majority of its revenue from Mainland China and also has an operation in Europe, the United States, Israel, and Other Countries.

The buy should begin as it is still fairly cheap at $7.01 as of 23/11/2020. It will go up tremendously based on the market confidence and the graph stats. This is a steal right now, thus the reason more this needs to get into FreeTrade ASAP to gain even more at such a price.

MarketWatch Stats (23/12/2020)

5 days: 31.03%
3 months: 634.09%

InvestorsObserver Rating (23/12/2020)

Stock Analysis Overview: Above average rank

Overall: 65/100
Short-term Technical: 99/100
Long-term Technical: 95/100

Rank in Industrials: 87/100
Rank in Electrical Equips. & Parts: 91/100
Position of Sector: 4/11
Position of Industry 42/148