[Request] L&G Battery Value-Chain UCITS ETF (BATT)

The objective of the fund is to provide exposure to basket of stocks of providers for electro-chemical energy storage technologies and mining companies that produce metals used to manufacture batteries. The tracked index uses a screening approach that picks battery providers mapped according to their technology type (lead-based, lithium-based, nickelbased and sodium-based), and lithium miners classified as current producers of lithium.

Primary Exchange: London Stock Exchange

Return (12 Month): 129.81%

BATG is already listed. Is there a reason you want the USD version?

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Didn’t see it there, thanks for helping.

Why is the ticker different? It also appears as BATT.L in some places


BATT is priced in USD and BATG is priced in GBX (pence)

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Got myself a few of these…